Odoamne finally wins an LEC title and 4 other standout moments from 2022 LEC Summer Split finals

Dreams do come true.

The LEC finals is the peak of competitive League of Legends in Europe where the talented elite head to the big stage to test their teams synergy, communication, and preparation in front of a breathtaking audience.

After a two-year break from stadiums and arenas due to COVID-19, LEC teams Fnatic, G2, and Rogue finally had an opportunity to bask in fan chants and energy in the Malmö Arena this past weekend. Since LEC casters and analysts are dedicated hosts who will stop at nothing to entertain a crowd, this years Summer Split finals swept everyone, both at home and in the arena, off their feet. 

Not only did the LEC finals shine with the traditional opening ceremony and talented casters, but it also gave the audience an opportunity to once again experience the intense plays and outplays that simply cant compare to watching on a screen. Other than that, the LEC finals were looking to breathe life into the live-viewing experience once again. 

Without further ado, lets jump into five of the best moments from the 2022 LEC Summer Split finals.

Rekkles and Broxah finally settle their beef

Ex-Fnatic players Rekkles and Broxah joined the caster desk for the LEC finals in the Malmö Arena. Although both professional players proved to be valuable to the caster desk by providing an almost academic insight into the draft phase, teamfight breakdowns, and general team strategies, they still had to finally settle their beef. As Sjokz was welcoming the fans, Rekkles and Broxah stepped onto the stage in a battle stance. Even though Sjokz tried to separate these professional League players, they quickly began their match of rock, paper, scissors. Broxah looked strong in the early game by winning two rounds in a row, but Rekkles reverse swept him with the power of rock. 

Rogue show their teeth

Rogue joined the LEC back in 2019. From the beginning, Rogue have been often regarded as a lesser team struggling to keep up with the big boys in the region, even as they joined them at Worlds. Over the years, Rogue polished their by-the-book playstyle oriented toward safe plays and slow game closing. Even though this controlled and methodical approach to League propelled Rogue to new heights, the team still wasnt seen as a serious contender.

But this weekend, Rogue finally showed their teeth to the haters by coming well-armed with champion oceans, team synergy, and the ability to flex their picks. On top of that, Rogue showcased incredible patience, a calm, cool, and collected attitude, and, most importantly, that they are not yet another spineless by-the-book team. Rather, Rogue proved that they can cleanly dominate even the titans of the LEC like Fnatic and G2.

Carlos predicts G2 losing

G2 owner and CEO Carlos ocelote Rodriguez and his team G2 have been known for being the jokers of the LEC who regularly kid around about themselves. This time around, Carlos didnt miss his opportunity when he spoke with reporter Cecilia Ciocchetti, who was talking with the most loyal fans in Malmö. She asked Carlos who would win the finals and Carlos immediately answered Rogue, 3-0. Little did he know his prophecy would come true.

Trymbi shares why winning the LEC finals was so important

Trymbi joined Rogue in 2020. He quickly paved his way from the academy team to the LEC, where he showed he wasn’t just another rookie with his large champion pool and playmaking potential. In the 2022 LEC Summer Split finals, Trymbi pulled out the big guns with Soraka and Lulu picks that were an absolute asset to Rogues team comp with his peeling, warding, and teamfighting. Although winning a championship is normally a priceless moment that leaves many in tears, for Trymbi, winning this LEC title had even more meaning. 

It was very important week for me, because, on Wednesday, I heard that a person that I played with passed away, and he was the person that I played with during my first split in Ultraliga,” Trymbi said in a post-match interview. “And he was the person that kinda showed me how it is to make the team the best environment possible. It was the best team I’ve had when it came to the atmosphere. After his death, unfortunately, I realized I should try to be like him. 

Trymbis ex-teammate from Konektiv, who showed him how to make the team the best possible environment for everyone, had just died. Inspired by his ex-teammate from the Ultraliga, Trymbi promised himself to try to be more like him, especially when he came to Malmö. 

Odoamne finally wins an LEC title

Odoamne kicked off his professional career by playing in the top lane for Absolute Legends in 2013, but he was never able to get his hands on that precious LEC trophyuntil yesterday. After playing 16 long and eventful LEC splits, Odoamne and his team Rogue swept G2 in a 3-0 series. Since this was such an emotional moment for Odoamne, he couldnt help but shed a tear or two after finally winning an LEC title. Even the die-hard G2 fans who were devastated after the defeat couldnt help but feel happy for Odoamne.

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