NRG VALORANT star guarantees ‘broken’ new agent will get nerfed

He's more than viable in competitive, he said.

European VALORANT player Ardis ardiis Svarenieks of NRG said Gekko, the newest agent in the game, is pretty busted and is on track for a nerf. 

During a Twitch stream yesterday, Ardiis said that Gekko will likely be nerfed in the future. While testing the simple but effective initiator agent, ardiis secured a few kills using Gekkos Dizzy and Wingman ability, which act as a homing flash grenade and a stun respectively. At that moment, ardiis knew that Gekkos kit would eventually take a hit.

There is zero chance this guy does not get nerfed, ardiis said. Ardiis then said that Gekko would be picked on every map in competitive play if he is played in his current state. This agent is lowkey broken, he said. 

Ranked teammate Subroza also had high praise for the agent.

Its so good, I was doing some crazy combos earlier, Subroza told ardiis. 

Gekko is the latest agent to be released with his unique kit and small critters to help him take over the battlefield. His abilities, three of which are rechargeable, allow him to flash, stun, and even detain enemies. 

Only a few hours after his release, Gekko had a higher win rate than Neon, Yoru, and KAY/O. At the time of writing, Gekko has a 51 percent win rate, making him the fourth-highest agent by win percentage, according to

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