Now we eat: Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut sponsor the SA Dota Pro Circuit

Winners get Whoppers.

Sponsorships haven’t been the strong suit of Dota 2. Considering most tournaments were backed by Valve while some were crowdfunded, there haven’t been notable sponsors in the games competitive scene until today.

The 2023 South American Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) introduced its official sponsors on a red carpet today, featuring names like Burger King, KFC, and Pizza Hut.

Before the 2023 season kicked off, notable organizations from North America and the world shifted their focus to the SA scene, and it looks like the same principles applied to the food industry giants.

With more big-time sponsors dipping their toes into the SA scene, it looks to be confirmed as the next promised land as Dota 2 is more popular there compared to NA.

SA also had sponsor troubles during the 2022 DPC, where multiple teams had to wait six months to get paid for the final tour in summer 2022. Considering the troubles the scene had to go through over the years, a line of prime-time sponsors will be a breath of fresh air for everyone involved.

The SA DPC is also under new management this season as the organizer 4D Esports stepped down as ESB took over. Alongside the big three, Betsafe, a betting company, Bitel, a telecommunications company, and Grid, a data company, finalize the sponsor lineup for the SA DPC.

The division one action in South America will kick off on Jan. 10, and the eight best teams of the region will compete for a chance to participate in the Lima Major, the first DPC LAN event in the South American region.

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