Not just your healer: VALORANT fans dream up hilarious Agent 23 ability suggestions

Some really good (and hilarious) ideas.

With VALORANTs next agent release slowly inching toward reality, players have begun speculating the characters abilities and even have some intriguing pitches for the developers to consider. Needless to say, the community wants the highly-anticipated agent to be more than just a healer.

On May 14, a player named DepressedArgentinian encouraged the community on Reddit to share their insights on what the upcoming agents abilities should be like. Unsurprisingly, a number of players jumped right into the discussion to make their wishes known. 

One player named Far_Mathematician504 shared their wish for an agent who can create fake spike-defuse noises and bullet sounds to confuse their enemies. Another player named Hefty_Ad_5517 wants the agent to be able to manipulate gravity.

A third popular comment was from a player named YaBoiKino, who suggested the character should be able to drill dimensional holes in walls and smokes, increasing visibility through such vision barriers.  

Besides standalone suggestions, many players had overlapping requests for a sentinel agent who can hold down a site and can be a viable alternative to Killjoy, who is presently considered the best sentinel in VALORANT

Since Chambers release in Episode Three, Act Three in November 2021, there hasnt been any new sentinel in the tactical shooter, leading to players lamenting about the stale defense meta. Riot Games have, however, confirmed in a State of the Agents on Feb. 20 that the agent after Gekko will be a sentinel.   

Another popular request was for a sentinel agent to carry flashing abilities, which is likely not going to happen as it may botch VALORANTs class system, where duelists and initiators are the primary flashing agents. Then again, Omen, as a controller, has the ability to near sight enemieshe is also the only smoke-wielding agent who can partially flash enemies.

The Reddit thread featured other quirky ideas, too, including powers to steal abilities from enemies, hack enemies (like Overwatch 2s Sombra and Apex Legends Crypto), block molly lineups, scan and remove smokes, become unaffected by abilities, place ground mines, create slippery and slowing surfaces, and whatnot. 

While there were plenty of intelligent and quirky suggestions, the top comment so far has been from a player named Adventurous_Lead7607, who, not so subtly, shared his wish for the old Chamber meta to return. 

Others chimed in, suggesting that the agent should be good-looking and French and how VALORANT superstar yay would like the character. As some players reiterated on the thread, Chamber was one of the most broken agents in his release state and had to be nerfed by Riot to balance the meta. 

Among other popular comments, a player named Iseewhatudidthurrrrr offered a hilarious suggestionthey want the agent to strip naked and run across the screen really flashing everyone. Well, that may take things a bit too far, even for VALORANTs chaotic nature. 

On March 7, Riot released Gekko, VALORANTs Agent 22 and an initiator, in Episode Six, Act Two. Considering the usual trends and Riots promise to release a total of three agents by the end of 2023, the next agent is likely going to join the Protocol in Episode Seven, Act One.  

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