Not just League: KOI will take over Rogue’s teams in Siege, CoD, and Rocket League too

The orgs are joining forces.

The “strategic alliance” between esports organizations KOI and Rogue is going to be bigger than just League of Legends it aims “dominate esports in Europe.”

KOI will also be involved in Rogue teams in other competitive titles, such as Call of Duty, Rocket League, and Rainbow Six Siege. KOI’s VALORANT team will be part of that collaboration as well.

“Ibai Llanos, the social media celebrity and Twitch luminary who operates the fourth most followed channel in the world, will serve as a featured ambassador of the partnership across both KOI and Rogue” on those competitive titles, according to the press release.

Since most competitive teams are on a break due to the offseason, these changes will be put into effect next year. This is the case for the League team, as well as the VALORANT team, which was recently revealed as one of the partnered orgs for next year’s franchised pro circuit.

With Rainbow Six, however, Rogue’s team is competing in the third stage of the European League, hoping to qualify for the Jönköping Major planned for November.

Meanwhile, Rogue is preparing for the League of Legends World Champion Championship in North America. They will kick off their tournament run on Friday, Oct. 7.

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