Not going to plan: Twitter’s new policies have publicly trapped TSM in its FTX partnership

The issue should be fixed soon.

North American esports organization TSM is unable to change its social media profile to remove FTX from its Twitter name following its ceased partnership with the crypto exchange earlier today. 

At time of writing, TSM said it can’t remove FTX from its name on Twitter on the main account, according to the organization. Twitters new verification system, which has placed some temporary restrictions on users changing their names and account handles, has forced TSM to retain the branding on its main social media account for now. 

But with a bit of trial and error, TSM has managed to take FTX off the Brazilian Twitter account, which no longer has the FTX name attached to the account, according to TSM social media manager Dunc. 

TSM ceased its partnership with FTX earlier today following a liquidity crisis at the cryptocurrency exchange. FTX has recently filed for bankruptcy following the failed acquisition by crypto competitor Binance. 

TSM is not the only Twitter account that has faced this issue, however. Over the past few days, a plethora of Twitter users have complained that they can’t change their display name.

The issue is linked to Twitters new verification system, which was implemented under the leadership of owner Elon Musk. The multi-billionaire changed the verification system to allow all users access to the blue tick by purchasing a monthly subscription worth $8 per month. 

The verified system, which was used to partially counteract impersonation for major companies, journalists, celebrities, and other prominent figures, was opened to the public for the first time under the new system. 

This led to hundreds of users impersonating major companies and even Musk himself, which led to an error message appearing when users tried to change their display name. The issue has been resolved for some users, however. Twitter Blue will be re-launched on Nov. 29, according to Musk

Its unknown when TSM will be able to change its display name.

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