Nostalgic Call of Duty players are praying the franchise brings back a forgotten Ghosts feature

Ghosts nailed this feature, and Call of Duty players want it back.

Call of Duty is celebrating 20 years as a franchise in 2023. Thats plenty of games and plenty of features. Some have become series staples while others have been forgotten in time. The community desperately wants one such forgotten feature unique to Call of Duty: Ghosts to make a return.

Nostalgia is one hell of a drug. Call of Duty: Ghosts was maligned by critics and fans alike back when it first launched in 2013. The 10tn installment in a series that had been virtually flawless up to that point did not hit the spot for many people. Even introducing a dog companion couldnt save Ghosts from criticism, thats how poorly it was received.

Now, a decade later, Call of Duty fans want Ghosts’ Create a Soldier feature to make a return, and Ghosts being a bad game or not, its clear to see why gamers prefer that system over what they have today.

Create a Soldier in Call of Duty: Ghosts offered unmatched freedom while designing your character. You could customize everything, from their cap to their boots, from their gender to their general appearance, and mix and match everything however you pleased.

Today, Call of Duty employs a completely different cosmetic system revolving around bundles and skins, neither of which vibe with fans of Ghosts. The cool thing about store bundles is that you get a bunch of stuff all at once. The not so cool part is that you may or may not want everything thats in a bundle. Tough luck, that will be $20 either way.

Skins are supposed to look good, but that’s a matter of taste, and you can’t modify them, so everyone runs around looking the same when one skin gets really popular. An operator skin is what it is. You dont get to customize it, you dont get to mess around with different outfit combinations, you dont get to make it your own. Its a skin that anybody else can also have.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Create a Soldier feature opened up possibilities for over 20,000 different outfit combos, and it didnt charge $20 for each one. Thats pretty much what these nostalgic redditors loved about it, why they want to see it brought back to CoD, and why that will probably never happen. As one redditor quickly pointed out, you may not want to pay $20 for bundles, but Activision wants you to.

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