North American CS:GO fans outraged after another embarrassing loss at BLAST Paris Major

They have all the reasons to feel this way.

North American CS:GO team Complexity suffered a second loss at the Paris Major on May 9, which was the overall fourth defeat for the NA region, and the result left fans outraged.

Complexity were bested by paiN Gaming 16-4 on Nuke, with the latter dominating the map. Although the NA team had numerous opportunities to secure rounds, they just couldn’t get over the line, and their performance added to the frustration felt by the fans from their region.

“How on Earth do you lose every round you have an economic advantage in and fail to close out the easiest situations where you have a man advantage,” one top comment on Reddit reads. “They need to fix something. I dont know what, but theyre broken. My night is ruined,” it added. “As a Complexity fan, that was… pain,” another fan wrote.

With a loss to paiN, Complexity are now 1-2 and on the verge of elimination from the French Major. The second North American team, Liquid, are in a similar situation, having to win the next three BO3 series if they aim to qualify for the Legends Stage after embarrassing losses to Apeks and FORZE on May 8.

“Nothing on planet earth makes me as angry as watching team liquid,” wrote one fan on Reddit after Liquid’s defeat to FORZE on May 8. In that match, Liquid had a 14-12 lead, however, they threw it away after some questionable mid-round calls.

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Not all hope is lost for NA since Complexity and Liquid still have the chance to improve their records and potentially qualify for the next stage. At this point, though, many fans, especially North American ones, doubt their ability to change their fate at the Paris CS:GO Major.

Complexity will face unknown opponents on May 10 in the 1-2 bracket, with Liquid facing Fluxo on May 9 in the elimination series.

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