Norra’s Legends of Runeterra support package synergizes with all Traps and Boons

Let's plant some Boons and Traps.

Living Library Realm’s Caretaker Norra level one Norra level two Norra’s champion spell, Portalpalooza Origami Slicer Magical Journey Mysterious Portal

Riot Games has doubled down on Boons and Traps with the inclusion of Norra as the next Legends of Runeterra champion in the Awakening expansion. 

Traps in Legends of Runeterra have been fringe-meta playable, despite some considering Teemo and Caitlyn meme champions. Bard and Chimes buffed Boons to the top of the meta rankings after the Worldwalker expansion. And Norra happens to support both Boons and Traps with her Awakening support package. 

Living Library is a five-drop with 4/5 stats and the keyword Elusive. What makes the new Awakening follower good is that if a Boon was activated the round a player casts Living Library, the follower draws one card upon entering the battlefield. By turn five, several Traps or Boons are likely in the top four cards of a player’s deck, increasing the chance of another going off when Living Library is played. 

The LoR champion support package that was revealed today for Norra included Eclectic Collection, a seven-cost spell that plants Chimes, Mysterious Portals, Poison Puffcaps, and Flashbomb Traps in an enemy’s deck. It’s a costly spell but has potential in conjunction with Norra and Corina, Mastermind. 

There’s also the Equipment Origami Slicer from yesterday’s LoR spoilers, pumping up a creature’s power with each Boon or Trap that went off that round. And Junk Construct is likely a solid two-drop in a deck running Norra as a champion. 

Players can test out Norra and all her support cards in various LoR Boon or Trap archetypes with the release of the Awakening expansion on Aug. 31.  

All images via Riot Games.

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