Nongshim RedForce parts ways with its LCK roster

We will see a new lineup in 2023.

Nongshim RedForce has parted ways with its entire League of Legends team, according to an announcement made today.

Top laner Kim Canna Chang-dong, jungler Lee Dread Jin-hyeok, mid laner Gwak Bdd Bo-seong, ADC Jang Ghost Yong-jun, support Lee Effort Sang-ho and No SnowFlower Hoi-jong, as well as coach Lim Comet Hye-seong have all become free agents going into the offseason.

On social media, NS RedForce thanked the players for “everything they’ve done for the team in 2022 and wish them good luck in all of their future endeavors.”

The lineup was put together at the end of 2021 and considering the level of players that were brought in, the expectations were high. Canna came directly from T1 while Effort had a decent season on Liiv SANDBOX prior to joining. Bdd and Ghost previously played in Gen.G and DWG KIA while Dread performed well on Afreeca Freecs.

That being said, the pieces didn’t seem to fit together. What was deemed a playoff team was never in a position to fight for a top-six finish. During the LCK 2022 season, NS RedForce finished the two splits in eighth place, with a 5-13 record on both occasions.

It will be now head coach Heo Irean Yeong-cheol’s job to build a new roster for the 2023 season. He joined the organization in April and has his contract running until 2024.

With the number of free agents in the LCK currently, NS RedForce should be able to field a roster without issues. That being said, the organization will hope it won’t repeat the results achieved in 2022.

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