No one’s in the house: Washington Justice releases entire roster, coaching staff

From Justice to just us.

Some teams in the Overwatch League attempt to create a clean slate for a new season by dropping a majority of players or replacing some key staff members. The Washington Justice, on the other hand, has decided that everyone needs to head out the door. 

Today, the team officially announced that all five of its remaining players as well as its head coach and player manager would not be returning for 2023. This means no one is currently signed to the Justice as of Nov. 18.  

Supports An OPENER Gi-beom and Jung Krillin Yung-hoon, tank Shin Kalios Woo-yeol, and DPS players Kim Assassin Sung-won and Jang Decay Gui-un have all had their contract options declines, or in OPENER’s case, their contract terminated. Head coach Han Sup7eme Seungjun and player manager Haeni Kim will also not be returning to the Justice due to a declined option and contract expiration, respectively. Assistant coach Park Chilhwa Min-hyung announced his departure earlier in the week. 

Washington came under fire for reducing its roster to five players (one fewer than the league minimum) in the middle of the 2022 season, sending some of its best talents to other teams. The teams general manager and an assistant coach also left abruptly as the roster dwindled. 

Multiple Justice players have posted on social media that they were seeking a team over the past week, including Washingtons star player Decay. Though the players noted they were still in talks with the Justice, this announcement may have changed things. 

A graphic listed four players as having their option declined, meaning either the team or the player decided against continuing their contract for another year. 

OPENER, the teams rookie support, was listed as contract terminated, a phrase rarely used in league contract talks. Grant Keranthil Paranjape, Washingtons vice president of esports business, clarified in a Reddit comment that this distinction was due to OPENERs two-year contract being terminated with severance.  

The Washington Justice ended the 2022 season with an 11-13 record.

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