Nisqy hits back at LoL caster who blamed him for MAD Lions MSI defeat

MAD Lions now have to fight their way through the loser bracket.

MAD Lions midlaner Yasin “Nisqy” Dinçer hit back at League of Legends caster Jaime Mellado on social media. The caster insisted he showed a poor reaction following the team’s defeat to T1 in the 2023 Mid-Season Invitational on May 10.

Mellado tweeted a picture showing both jungler Javier “Elyoya” Prades Batalla and Nisqy minutes after the defeat. Prades appeared sad, while Nisqy was smiling. Mellado wrote that one was a winner’s attitude and the other one a loser’s.

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He then stated Elyoya was a solid example of a strong mindset, tweeting a picture that showed the jungle started training on the ladder again only a few hours following their defeat, seemingly taking the loss more seriously than the midlaner.

Nisqy lashed out at him, insulting the caster by replying, “ta mere est une pute?” Which translates to “Is your mother a whore?” Niqsy later deleted the tweet and wrote: “I deleted it, there’s no use in going after an idiot who doesn’t understand anything of competition.”

The League community rapidly weighed in, many players and former coaches showing support for the Belgian player, while others scolded the player for insulting the caster.

“People reacting different to wins or losses right after is completely normal,” Immortals’ Treatz wrote. “All that matters is how the players respond behind the stage and work together, unbelievable if this person actually believes this to be true.”

MAD Lions lost zero-to-three against T1 on May 10’s MSI series and fell into the loser’s bracket. It was a heartbreaking loss for European fans, and many have expressed their disappointment on social media after the series ended.

Still, MAD Lions isn’t out of the competition yet. They will have to face fellow Europe representative G2 Esports on Saturday, May 13 at 11am CT, to advance in the loser bracket.

Meanwhile, T1 made a statement on their first MSI match. They’ll advance directly to Round Four if they defeat LCK champions Gen.G. It’ll be a rematch of the 2023 LCK Spring Split Finals and it’s planned for Saturday, May 13 at 6am CT.

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