Nintendo wants you to be safe while playing Switch Sports

Ahead of its launch, Nintendo has shared Joy-Con safety instructions to avoid injury while playing Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports is set to arrive tomorrow and ahead of its launch, the company has a message for parents. Taking to social media, Nintendo Support has reminded users about their safety suggestions when playing Nintendo Switch Sports.

The all-time classic original, Wii Sports was responsible for plenty of broken TVs, controllers, and more. Reminding users of the best protocols, Nintendo hopes to avoid this for their next entry into the franchise.

First, users will want to make sure they have a reasonable amount of space while playing the game so that they dont hit any spectators, other players, or inanimate objects while using the motion controller to play the game.

Furthermore, Nintendo suggests you attach the wrist strap Joy-Con attachment while playing Switch Sports. This would have come paired with your Nintendo Switch console when it was purchased, though youd probably not used it a whole lot since.

This attachment will lock once firmly around your wrist ensuring that the controller doesnt go astray should you let go while playing the game.

Nintendo Switch Sports has a variety of different games to try out each with different controller motions. Reviews for the game have dropped prior to its launch and they are mixed but mostly positive. It seems that those who were fans of the original Wii Sports game will love this new generation sequel.

If youre eager to get your hands on the game, Nintendo Switch Sports will arrive both physically and digitally on April 29.

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