Nintendo Switch glitch is taking Overwatch 2 players to Rainbow Road

The crossover we never knew we wanted.

Overwatch 2 players have encountered a rather curious glitch on Nintendo Switch.

In Numbani, Switch players on Reddit today reported getting a graphic glitch that modified their user interface for the remainder of the game. It’s not game-breaking but still very confusing when it happens.

The glitch distorts the colors of the map, making it look like something straight out of Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road. It’s funny, but it would surely get annoying after a few minutes.

Screengrab via u/kikiakdf

On Reddit, a handful of players confirmed they’ve encountered the glitch and there doesn’t appear to be a way to fix it. They also said it was exclusively happening on Numbani.

“Happens 100% of the time on that map. Won’t happen on any other map. Just a fun, cool Switch glitch,” one player commented.

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Despite the glitch mostly being harmless, it’s been reported frequently for several months now.

Screengrab via u/SpellvampKat

A similar glitch has also surfaced on other maps, including Antarctica and Gibraltar. It features a similar issue with shading elements, but it only distorts the sky. It becomes dotted with shapes and flashy colors, making it hard to spot flying enemies.

It’s still unclear whether Blizzard Entertainment is working on a fix for these graphic glitches that have surfaced exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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