Nintendo adds Missions and Rewards system to Switch

Collect new icon rewards and earn more Platinum Points.

Nintendo has pushed a new update live to all Switch consoles, giving players the opportunity to complete missions and earn rewards for playing games and using some of the systems features. 

This new Missions & Rewards system is listed within the Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) menu, giving players a hub to view available missions and information about how to complete them. 

Each mission will give players a task like Play Software That Supports Online Play or Back Up Save Data, with a brief explanation available for each one. These will reward players with Platinum Points, the free-to-earn version of the Gold Points featured in the Nintendo Switch eShop. 

Image via Nintendo Image via Nintendo

For each mission you complete, you will earn a set number of Platinum Points. And, with the introduction of this new system, Nintendo has also included a rewards tab where players can exchange their Platinum Points for new icon elements right on their Switch. 

The icon elements are exclusive to NSO members and can be combined to create unique user icons not available by default. Special rewards will be made available each month, with Marchs rewards including villagers from Animal Crossing: New Horizons that have a birthday during the month. 

Image via Nintendo Image via Nintendo

Additionally, these Platinum Points can still be used in the My Nintendo Store via browser if you would rather stockpile them for a reward offered there.

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