Ninja thinks Fortnite might lack players for Zero Build competitive

Hit-streamer Ninja weighs in on the chance of a competitive Zero Build mode.

Fortnite has seen extended popularity over the last few years, helping many current Twitch stars rise to the top. One of those creators, Ninja, has shared his opinions on what he thinks would happen if Fortnite implemented competition for the new Zero Build modes. According to Ninja, Epic doesn’t have enough players to do this.

The battle royale first introduced the Zero Build modes at the beginning of this season on March 20. While it originally started as the only mode players could join, the building returned less than a week later. Now, Fortnite splits its modes between the regular and Zero Build games, but no Arena has been introduced for Zero Build.

“I don’t know if they want to split up their community that much,” Ninja said in a recent stream. He means that there are already solo, duo, trio, and squads Arena modes for building games in Fortnite, and if Epic added those same competitive fields for Zero Build, it would impact the number of players in each mode.

While the streamer has moved on to other games outside of Fortnite, Ninja has seen a boost in popularity thanks to the update in Chapter Three, season two, according to Dexerto. In addition, the Zero Build update brought fans who had lost interest back to Fortnite and reinvigorated the player base.

“There might not be enough players in the game,” Ninja said. But he has no real way of knowing if that’s true, unless he has access to Epic’s user statistics.

If players are eager for a competitive Arena mode for Zero Build, they’ll need to make their voices heard by Epic, not popular streamers.

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