Ninja has little sympathy for Fortnite competitor involved in LAN incident

The streamer was not happy with any alleged griefing that occurred.

Professional streamer Ninja has given his thoughts on an incident that occurred at DreamHack involving two young competitors getting into a fight over gameplay in their Fortnite match.

One competitor, who had successfully advanced to the top of the Fortnite bracket, was allegedly griefed by another player towards the end of the tournament. The higher-placed player then proceeded to vent their frustrations by physically grabbing the player that had griefed them, resulting in DreamHack staff getting involved.

You play stupid games, youre gonna win stupid prizes, Ninja said on stream after learning about the incident. That fucking reject thinks that its cool to ruin the competitive integrity of another player whos better than him at a live event, and hes gonna grief him on purpose?

Ninja went on to say that he does not condone violence, but that in this instance the player that allegedly griefed the other had it coming.

You should never beat the shit out of somebody, Ninja explained. But you cannot sit here and tell me that kid didnt ask for it.

The player that instigated the physical altercation apologized on Twitter for their actions, acknowledging that they acted out of frustration for being purposefully targeted from ending the tournament at a higher standing. They noted that much of this frustration stemmed from how much time and effort they had put into preparing for the LAN and the support they had from their friends.

In an official statement, DreamHack condemned the altercation and stated that the players had been dealt with, ensuring that the safety and security of our attendees is of paramount importance.

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