NICKMERCS gives advice to Apex players for fast improvement

Nick has a lot of experience with battle royale games.

Popular Twitch streamer and ALGS competitor NICKEMERCS gave his opinion how to improve at Apex Legends, encouraging players to play more aggressively.

Former Gears of War and Fortnite pro NICKMERCS returned to competitive play with the Apex Legends Global Series. The popular content creator and battle royale expert has certainly made an impression on the scene, making the league’s qualifier finals. In light of his recent esports success, NICKMERCS answered a viewer’s question on how to rapidly improve in the game.

NICKMERCS explained that he saw the greatest improvement in his personal ability whenever he started playing at a high tempo. The streamer said this involved taking fights at every opportunity, pushing opponents, and adapting a quick yet efficient looting and movement style.

The ALGS pro explained how he used to play far too scared, though saw massive improvements when he adapted his signature aggressive style.

“I don’t think I really got good at the game until I started pushing shit,” NICKMERCS said. “I think the best way to get better at the game is to play aggressive. Very aggressive. I think that’s the best way. Because you’re playing the game and you’re trying to push your pace. You’re trying to push yourself.”

The FaZe streamer claimed that playing without your comfort zone is unlikely to yield any fruitful results and leads to stagnating gameplay. NICKMERCS also explained that even though he may sometimes take losing fights, it is ultimately to his benefit as he is constantly trying to challenge himself and improve.

The Twitch goliath has certainly found results with this aggressive playstyle and claims that other Apex players could stand to improve with similar tactics.

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