NICKMERCS discusses how often he gets swatted, says he’s ‘already put two people in jail’

The streamer reportedly gets swatted three times a week.

Popular Twitch streamers often have to deal with harassment as the internet and the streaming community evolves. Unfortunately, some people have made a habit of harassing content creators by calling police offices and instigating a hostile situation, also known as swatting. Now, NICKMERCS has revealed that he’s already sent two different swatters to prison.

In a recent clip, NICKMERCS discussed swatting as he was preparing to drop into an Apex Legends match. “I get swatted like three times a fucking week, you know that?” he said. NICKMERCS then elaborated that he doesn’t want people to feel bad for him, but it’s something that makes sharing his stream with other people harder to do.

“We’ve already put two people in jail, and I’m getting ready to make another round,” NICKMERCS said before focusing back on Apex. Throughout the clip, NICKMERCS sounded frustrated with the hassle these swatters have become to his daily life. If he genuinely is getting swatted three times a week, he’s likely having frequent interactions with the police.

Users can lower the chance of getting swatted by filing a report with their local police department, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website. Once they know you’ve received these threats in the past, it’ll make them warier of any random 911 calls in the future. In addition, swatters can get decades in prison and face thousands of dollars in fines once they’re found out.

Swatting is illegal, but it’s also taking a chance on someone else’s life. Those who take the time to put someone else in that danger will be responsible for the consequences.

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