Niantic is trialing a new feature to make finding Pokémon Go raid buddies a breeze

Is it the answer players have been looking for?

Pokémon Go players have become increasingly frustrated with how hard it can be to find other trainers to do Raids with, particularly Elite Raids, since its caused them to miss out on a few Pokémon.

Fortunately, Niantic is working on a solution. Theyre trialing a new feature in Campfire, an invite-only companion app to Pokémon Go that includes a number of social features.

Rather than simply allowing players to find and join communities like it already did, the new Team Up feature takes it a step further by letting players find Raids to join or host their own. Since its only being trialed for a limited time the feature is only available until March 29. Those who received an invite can activate it by opening Campfire by tapping the green icon on the top right of the Pokémon Go map or tapping the blue Find a Raid button at the top right of the map in Campfire to open the Team Up menu.

The community doesn’t seem too excited about it at this stage, thoughmostly because it’s an invite-only feature in an invite-only app, meaning those who have it cant all access the feature.

In time, however, it should be available to the masses. Perhaps then itll spark more excitement than it has since it will make it much easier for players to team up.

That being said, some players have claimed Campfire isnt the game-changer its supposed to be. In their experience, its been almost completely useless when trying to find people to raid with, but it depends on the area.

Hopefully, this Pokémon Go feature will change those issues.

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