News on Arcane to be revealed during Netflix’s Geeked Week

League fans may explode with happiness at this news. Too soon?

Seven months after Arcanes first season shook the world, it looks like fans may soon receive new information about the future of the first series inspired by League of Legends.

In the latest image shared by the Netflix Geeked account on Twitter, the acclaimed Riot Games series is among the other animated shows to be featured during the third day of Geeked Week.

Hosted by Netflix, Geeked Week is a free virtual event that takes place from June 6 to 10. During the five-day event, fans can expect exclusive news, trailers, and even celebrity appearances from all of their favorite Netflix shows. In addition to the name of Arcane being featured among other titles for the June 8 reveals, Netflix added several details related to the series in its promotional posters for the event, like Ekkos firelight mask.

Image via Netflix

Between the possible sneak peeks, trailers, and cast panels, League fans can expect to learn more about the future of Arcane sooner than they expected. The second season of the beloved League series will not be coming in 2022, though. Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent shared this information a few days after the end of the first season in November 2021.

Despite knowing that the wait for the second season of Arcane is long, fans of the show can enjoy the Netflix event knowing that more about the future of their favorite animated series is likely going to be revealed. The event will be streamed across every major platform, including Netflixs YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch channels. 

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