Newly reworked Aurelion Sol temporarily disabled on League servers due to ‘in-game issues’

Flavor-of-the-month Aurelion Sol one-tricks might have to take the day off.

Aurelion Sol has been temporarily disabled on live League of Legends servers, Riot Games has informed players. A message on the League of Legends client reads We have temporarily disabled the following champion due to in-game issues and are currently working on a resolution: Aurelion Sol.

Aurelion Sols long-anticipated rework was shipped to live servers earlier this week. The champion has been a force in solo queue ever since his rework went live, with his overall play rate skyrocketing from under one percent to nearly 20 percent in just one patch. If youve been one-tricking with the new-and-improved Aurelion Sol, though, you might have to put your ranked climb on pause for a bit, as the champion cannot be picked right now, not even in normal games.

Screengrab via Riot Games

Its unclear at this time what is the cause of the champions unavailability, although its likely due to a serious bug. Riot usually doesnt disable champions from the game completely unless such an issue is found in the champions kit, or if there is a gameplay-altering interaction between the champion and an in-game object or map feature. 

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Last November, Riot disabled Neeko after a bug where she could turn into a tower was discovered. Two years ago, Viego was disabled shortly after his release after a bug uncovered a unique interaction between him and The Dark Seal that allowed him to one-shot turretsjust to name a few examples of champions going dark until their kits technical issues are resolved.  

New champion releases and reworks are always susceptible to bugs, and Aurelion Sol has apparently fallen victim to this, too. Usually, Riot resolves these issues relatively quickly, so A-Sol players should be back on the Rift within the next 24 hours, at most. 

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