New York Subliners punch ticket to 2023 CDL Major One grand finals with impressive win over Atlanta FaZe

New York can win their first ever major championship.

The New York Subliners clinched their spot in the 2023 Call of Duty League Major One grand finals tonight with a 3-1 beatdown of the Atlanta FaZe. 

The series started with an entertaining battle on Breenbergh Hotel Hardpoint, with New York riding a massive performance from third-year superstar HyDra, who put up 27 kills to only 18 deaths in the victory. KiSMET and Skyz were also fantastic in the map, posting 1.27 and 1.32 K/Ds, respectively. 

The series stayed on Hotel, this time for Search and Destroy, with FaZe looking for an equalizer in the second map of the series. Atlanta started off hot, jumping out to a 5-2 lead behind fantastic plays from aBeZy, who finished the map with an absurd 15-5 statline. But after New York rattled off back-to-back rounds to bring it to a 5-4 game, it was his SMG duo, Simp, who made the biggest play of the game. 

HyDra had isolated Simp in the back of the map and had him singled out. What looked like a massive play for New York was flipped on its head as Simp was able to take out HyDra and Priestahh, giving FaZe a massive 4-2 lead in life count. Simp picked up another kill in the round before his teammate, SlasheR, found the final New York player to clinch the map and bring the series to a 1-1 count. 

But just as FaZe got themselves back into the series, New York found a way to flip all of the momentum in the series back to their side in the final Hotel map of the series, this time on Control. New York started off on the typically less-desired attacking side but found a way to win both offenses and the lone defense in a quick 3-0 sweep of the Control, giving them a 2-1 lead in the series. 

On the series fourth map, Al Bagra Fortress Hardpoint, it was a fast and furious affair, with both teams throwing bodies at the point and trading blow for blow like a championship bout. Eventually, though, New York did pull away from Atlanta.

It seemed like every time an opportunity for FaZe to grab a big chunk of hill time arose, the Subliners were there to shut it down with three or four kills popping up in the kill feed. Atlanta were able to hop onto the Hardpoint with the Subliners sitting at 249, stalling the inevitable for a moment. But it was Priestahh on the flank who picked up a massive two-piece to send his team to the grand finals. 

New York will face the Seattle Surge with a shot at winning the org’s first Major championship right now on the CDL Twitch channel.

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