New York Subliners make quick work of OpTic Texas in CDL qualifiers sweep

New York have that dog in 'em.

The New York Subliners quickly dealt with OpTic Texas in 3-0 fashion in their Call of Duty League qualifying match today. 

While the count in the series was 3-0, all three maps were relatively close where a single play made the difference. Flip any of those plays and the series could have gone the other way.  It just so happened that all of those massive moments went to New York. 

In the series first map, Embassy Hardpoint, it was back-and-forth from the get-go. The biggest moment was HyDra picking up a three-piece at P5 after OpTic had won the rotation. The French superstar made a massive play in what was essentially a 60 point swing. The Subliners won the map by a count of 250-199, which could have been flipped on its head if just one member of Texas had taken down HyDra. Instead, it was a map win and 1-0 lead for the Subliners. 

The series then took to Fortress for the remaining maps. In the Search and Destroy, it was a back and forth battle in the early goings. With OpTic facing a 3-2 deficit, they held a two life advantage in the round after picking up two kills early on. Unfortunately for the Green Wall, Kismet was still alive. He picked up all four kills for the ace, allowing Priestahh to defuse the bomb and a 4-2 lead in the game for his team. 

After OpTic won the next round to bring it to a 4-3 count, lightning struck twice. Texas held a four-vs-two advantage with the bomb down for the second time in three rounds. And for a second time, OpTic lost the round. Texas did manage to snag two straight rounds to bring it to a round 11 situation, but New York took down all four members of OpTic to clinch the map and take a commanding 2-0 lead. 

In the series third map, Fortress Control, each team traded rounds before heading to a do-or-die round five for Texas. Unfortunately for OpTic, they were tasked with winning an attacking round on Fortress, the most defensively friendly map in the rotation. Factoring in three members of New York holding cruise missiles, it was mission impossible. 

The Subliners had their way with Texas, as New York put a spawn trap on full display. OpTic could not get out of their spawn, and time ran out before any progress was made at either point, clinching the series 3-0 for the Subliners. 

OpTic will now need to win their next match to clinch a spot in winners bracket for their home major next week. They will take on the Atlanta FaZe tomorrow at 3:30pm CST. Meanwhile, the Subliners have a chance to finish 4-1 when they match up with the Seattle Surge at 2pm CST.

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