New York Excelsior releases entire 2022 roster

That’s one way to get a clean slate for next season.

The Twitter feeds of Overwatch League fans have been filled with heartfelt send-offs to players as teams make tough decisions to release players heading into the 2023 season. Some teams have opted to drip information to fans over the course of several days, but others are intent on ripping the proverbial bandage off in one fell swoop. 

The New York Excelsior released its entire six-player roster into free agency today. Considering the teams 2022 record, this isnt exactly a shock for fans, but the sudden and swift announcement took the community by surprise. 

All of New Yorks players are now free agents, able to hear offers from any team in the league.  

Heading into the 2022 season, the Excelsior did another complete team revamp, only holding on to DPS Lim Flora Young-woo from the year before. The team added veteran talent from other parts of the league, bolstered by rookies from various parts of Overwatch Contenders.  

New York acquired DPS phenom Kim Yaki Junki and support Kang Gangnamjin Namjin after the two were released from the Florida Mayhem. Support An ANSOONJAE Soon-jae also joined from the Toronto Defiant. 

To fill in the tank role, the Excelsior relied on Kim Kellan Min-jae out of Talon Esports. Former O2 Blast support Jeon Ho1 Ho-won also joined the team midway through the season. 

With all the veteran talent New York acquired, hopes were high for the team. But things never quite meshed for the Excelsior, which also weathered several strange roster moves and social scandals. 

New York ended the 2022 season with a 4-20 record, making them the team with the second-worst record in the Overwatch League this year, only ahead of the 1-23 Paris Eternal.     

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