New year, new Season Kickoff: Riot details League’s new international competition

Tune into a fresh event to kick off the season.

Whenever one door closes, another opens, and Riot Games is opening a fun new entryway for competitive League of Legends fans heading into 2023 with the new Season Kickoff event.

At the start of December 2022, the new competition was revealed with very limited information surrounding it, only stating that it would be a special broadcast event that will preview the upcoming season, and that nine regions would attend from around the world. Now, fans have more information on the Season Kickoff, which will run from Tuesday, Jan. 10 to Wednesday, Jan. 11.

Every pro team in each of the nine leagues attending will be sending a representative to compete in the Kickoff, and it is the region’s choice on how they will be drafting their roster. The regions will be playing in best-of-three series on Summoner’s Rift, without the hassle of picks and bans and no repeat champion choices during the matches.

The stakes around these games have also been made clear: each of the teams represented on the winning region will create a new emote with Riot’s designers that will be added to the game to commemorate the occasion.

Although this new event is exciting, this does represent the end of the annual All-Star Event that previously brought together some of the best players in the world to compete in fun games and interact with fans in a more relaxed environment. Even still, having the All-Star Event at the end of the year was far too demanding for players who just went through a grueling, year-long circuit.

By highlighting the coming year right before the start of the season, players are heading in refreshed and prepared as they restart their engines for another explosive run-through to their respective championships and beyond.

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