New visual bug is dizzying Horizon players in Apex Legends

It appears this glitch managed to escape the event horizon.

While the last patch for Apex Legends fixed multiple bugs and issues facing the game, it looks like it mightve introduced a new one. Players have reported several issues with Horizons tactical ability, Gravity Lift, and how using it seems to make the game well, kind of freak out.

Its difficult to explain exactly whats happening with the Gravity Lift and better to just see it in action.

When using the Gravity Lift, players cameras will momentarily seem to flip around or perform an impossibly fast movement. Its disorienting if youre playing Horizon, to say the least. And it also will put Horizon players at a serious disadvantage during fights. Gravity Lift is a powerful tool not only for climbing vertical height but also for strafing back and forth and moving quickly while healing, which is why players will use it so often in the middle of a fight. If you completely lose sight of your enemy and teammates momentarily and then are dropped back to where you were with little context for how you got there, you might wind up starting to shoot one of your own teammates, like Spacestation Gaming pro Joseph Frexs Sanchez does in the clip above.

Some players have done a bit more testing on it, such as Apex content creator Mokeysniper, who noted that the Aug. 22 patch seemed to break Horizons Q ability. And the greater the ping a player has, the more drastic the camera clipping can be since Mokey appears to be thrown halfway across Storm Point and back at one point.

Mokey also notes that this looks like a visual glitch that only appears on the Horizon players screen, and that the character doesnt actually teleport on the map physically or appear to be moving strangely to other players. Still, its an annoying and borderline game-breaking bug for Horizon players who want to take the game seriously.

As the sixth-most-picked legend in the game right now, Horizon has once again returned to the greater Apex meta for both pro and casual players. This bug might put a damper on that popularity, however, and players might want to hold off on playing her until the glitch is fixed.

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