New VALORANT Titanmail skin bundle available tomorrow

The new bundle will be in the in-game store tomorrow.

VALORANT players can look forward to the new Titanmail skin bundle coming to their shops tomorrow, adding shiny new skins with neon accents to four weapons. 

The Titanmail bundle includes new skins for the Frenzy, Vandal, Bucky, and Ares. It also includes a new exciting melee skin, giving players a mace perfect for bludgeoning their opponents. The skins feature metal designs with sharp edges and yellow neon accents. The mace spins around as you hold it, according to a leak earlier today, adding another unique weapon for players to enjoy. 

The new Titanmail skin bundle isn’t the only exciting cosmetic news in VALORANT today. Fans can also enjoy the Night Market again on May 18, giving them a chance to grab a few skins at a discounted price. The new Titanmail skins likely wont appear in your market, so consider grabbing them while theyre in the store. The Night Market sometimes includes melee skins, making it worth checking to see what goodies you can snag at a reduced price. 

Riot Games hasnt officially revealed the price of the Titanmail bundle, but players will find out tomorrow when it’s added to the in-game store. Purchasing the bundle is always the cheapest option to acquire all of the skins, so consider this if you want multiple skins from the set. Bundles also sometimes include exclusive items like gun buddies or sprays, making it worth your while to spend the extra cash. 

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