New VALORANT teaser seems to suggest Gekko is the game’s next agent

It looks like the leaked name is legit.

Ahead of the official reveal of VALORANT Agent 22 during the VCT LOCK//in showmatch this weekend, another new teaser has been revealed, giving more insight into the lore behind the upcoming agent and seemingly confirming their name.

The March 2 post on the official VALORANT Twitter account shows photos from the supposed new agent’s camera roll, including a Korean BBQ dinner with Jett, Reyna, and Brimstone, and plenty more tamales. The roll also includes a photo that is meant to be from the new agent’s notebook.

The notebook page features numerous graffiti styles of the name Gekko, including a couple of different drawings of actual geckos. While Riot Games has kept quiet about the agent’s name on official channels, the name Gekko has been leaked ahead of the agent’s official debut.

The teaser images that have been released on the official VALORANT channel hint that Gekko might be from Latin America. Two of the teasers have made mention of the new agent’s apparent affinity for tamales (in addition to tacos), and the one released on March 1 features a song from pop singer ericdoa, who is both Panamanian and Puerto Rican.

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As for the agent’s in-game abilities and role, we know for sure that Gekko is an initiator based on a State of the Agents post from late February. But fans will get to see the agent officially for the first time during the VCT LOCK//in showmatch between teams captained by streaming superstars Tarik and FRTTT.

That showmatch, and the Gekko debut, is set for March 4 at 11am CT prior to the start of the VCT LOCK//IN grand finals.

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