New VALORANT agent Gekko is already dominating ranked lobbies

Nerfs incoming?

Gekko, the latest agent to be released in VALORANT, has skyrocketed in win rate after just a day of playtime. 

Gekko, who has a unique critter-infused kit, had a 48 percent win rate just a few hours after he was released for all players in VALORANT yesterday. But now that players have got a hang of him, hes accrued one of the highest win rates in the game, according to data website

Gekko has the highest win rate of any initiator and sits in fourth place. With a 5-percent pick rate, hes got a 51-percent win rate, just below Brimstone, Reyna, and Killjoy. Phoenix, Skye, and Sage all sit below him. 

In high-elo ranked matches, Gekko hovers at around a 50-percent win rate while slightly creeping up toward Diamond. Gekko is relatively well balanced across all ranks and rarely goes below the 50 percent win rate mark, according to data website

Other agents typically retain the top spots such as Phoenix or Killyjoy since both received buffs to their kits recently. Killjoy will likely be the next agent to receive a nerf, however, since shes skyrocketed in competitive viability and her win rate has increased to above 51 percent in ranked play. 

Gekko, on the other hand, may not be nerfed straight away. Typically Riot Games tends to wait for a short while to determine whether an agent is too strong. In competitive, many players were frustrated with Chamber following his introduction since his kit was too strong.

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