New TFT Set 8.5 Threats Morgana and Aatrox spice up the Mid-Set meta

Know how to use the new Threats in Set 8.5.

New Teamfight Tactics Threat units Morgana and Aatrox have crossed through the convergence into the city of Spatulopolis, showcasing abilities that heal, shred, sunder, stun, and do AOE damage.

First introduced through TFT Set Eight, the Threat trait added flexibility and depth to the Monsters Attack! meta. Two of the Threat units didn’t make the Mid-Set update cut while an alternate version of Zac essentially transferred over to the new Riftwalker trait. Filling the gaps in TFT Set 8.5 that were left by the departed Threat champions are Aatrox and Morgana. 

Morgana TFT Set 8.5 abilities

Morgana is a three-cost that shreds an enemy’s armor and magic resistance and is the answer to dealing with tanky units in Set 8.5. She has a passive and an active ability, with passive sundering and shredding an enemy’s armor and magic resistance. Morgana’s active stuns the two closest enemy units while also dealing magic damage through her Dark Binding spell. 

Filling Cho’Gaths slot as a three-cost unit, Morgana is the ideal counter to beefy frontline units on the enemy’s team. 

Aatrox TFT Set 8.5 abilities

Aatrox is Zac’s replacement within the Threat lineup as a four-cost TFT Set 8.5 champion. He gains health while dealing magic damage with his Soul Crush ability and then transforms into his demonic Darkin form, replacing Soul Crush with The Darkin Blade.

While wielding The Darkin Blade, Aatrox deals AOE damage by slamming the sword into the ground while also healing himself at the same time. Aatrox is the ideal frontline tank with defensive items like Warmog’s in Set 8.5 thanks to his healing and the amount of damage he does in both forms. 

Players can test out both Aatrox and Morgana when TFT Set 8.5 drops into PBE servers on March 8 and through the official launch of Glitched Out! on March 22. 

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