New Team Fortress 2 update was meant to solve long-standing issues but so far it’s failed

The bot-infested servers continue to be the saddening state of the game.

In recent times, Team Fortress 2 has seen a drought of new content and meaningful updates, or even fixes for the games various issues that have been plaguing it. One of the major issues that the game has faced is the colossal number of bots that had infected the games servers.

The issue got so dire fans took it upon themselves to bring about change in the game, banding together to start a social media campaign called #SaveTF2 on Twitter.

Soon enough, TF 2s official Twitter acknowledged the fans and their campaign and promised changes were on the horizon, to the fans joy.

These feelings were unfortunately short-lived, however. Team Fortress 2 recently released an update that did little to nothing to combat the overwhelming bots still terrorizing the games servers. The patch included a number of other exploit and bug fixes, such as a bug that occasionally displayed placeholder names for players on stat screens, and laggy animations for the Halloween bosses and skeletons.

The only change that could positively impact the bot situation in the game is the change to the vote kick system, which allows multiple vote kicks to be running at the same time.

This change may make it easier to kick the bots in a game, but when bots continue to thrive in larger numbers than actual players, theres not much use that this change brings, especially since booting real players accidentally is a risk now too.

Currently, TF2s player base is giving the devs the benefit of the doubt and assuming this is the first of many updates they roll out. Whether this is the case, only time will tell.

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