New Summoner’s Cup design may have been leaked through a League ward skin

Riot hasn't officially revealed the trophy's new look yet.

Earlier this month, it was announced by Riot Games that League of Legends prestigious World Championship trophy, the Summoners Cup, is getting a face-lift this season. And now, the design of the trophy may have been leaked through a ward skin on Leagues Public Beta Environment (PBE). 

A new ward skin featuring the potential redesign of the Summoners Cup has made its way onto the PBE without the trophy having been officially revealed by Riot. The leaked redesign was first discovered by League YouTuber Julex Gameplays, who posted a comparison of the two editions of the Summoners Cup to their Twitter profile. 

Last week, Riot revealed that the company entered a multi-year partnership with jewelry brand Tiffany & Co. as the official trophy designer of the Summoners Cup. In that announcement, Riot and Tiffany teased the new design of the Summoners Cup. It sports a more rigid design in comparison to years past, with the main chalice-like body of the trophy becoming more angular and flat. 

Judging by the leaked ward skin on Leagues PBE, the Summoners Cup still has its iconic open top, although its flat top is more pronounced in its newer version. Additionally, the Summoners Cup now sports silver piping around its body. 

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The Summoners Cup was introduced to the League World Championship in 2012. It was first awarded to Taipei Assassins when they won the second edition of Worlds, and the trophy has been a staple at the tournament ever since. 

This years World Championship will mark the first tournament in professional Leagues second decade of existence. With the turning of a page, the Summoners Cup will make its debut when the pro League scene crowns a new world champion on Nov. 5. Worlds is set to begin on Sept. 29. 

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