New Street Fighter 6 content won’t get a spotlight at Capcom Cup

Other news will be shown in the streets of Hollywood.

Capcom is set to have what might be a record-breaking year for company game sales in 2023, with Street Fighter 6 being a big part of that forecast. However, new information about the blockbuster fighting game wont be shown at Capcom Cup.

Typically, when a publisher hosts an event, they will use it to showcase some content or reveal something for upcoming titles to build more hype ahead of its release. This is something fighting games have done for years, with big tournaments being the place developers tend to reveal new characters or games. 

With SF6 set to release on June 2, many fans were expecting to see some big reveal tied to the Capcom Cup IX Finals, which is set to run on Feb. 19 at the AVALON in Hollywood. There are still a number of characters that have not been shown in full with gameplay yet and it has been over two months since the last trailer debuted at The Game Awards in Decemberthough Capcom has now confirmed this is not happening. 

Ahead of the Capcom Cup Last Chance Qualifier kicking off the event on Feb. 12, Capcom got out ahead of rumors and struck down hopes of a new reveal for SF6 happening at the finals. 

Congratulations to all the players who fought hard this year to make it on stage at the Capcom Cup finals! Capcom said. As everyone will be focusing on the hard-hitting action at the finals, we wanted to give a heads up that there will be no new Street Fighter 6 announcements during the event. 

This means no new content will be shown for SF6 at the event. And while that is a bit of a bummer, it shouldnt detract from what this years Capcom Cup truly isthe final spotlight for Street Fighter V

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After Capcom Cup, SFV will officially be on the outs and is only going to be featured in a handful of major events before SF6 becomes the focal point of the competitive community in June. Capcom is likely taking this last moment to highlight the best of its previous Street Fighter title and showcase the talent that stands above everyone else in the world after three years of online play

And it isnt like there wont be more announcements too, as Capcom did note it would reveal news about the 2023 Capcom Pro Tour at the eventwhile teasing that SF6 will get another spotlight in the not too distant future. Evo Japan anyone?

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