New set of Call of Duty leaks reveal Warzone 2 features like classic map POIs, AI-protected Strongholds, and more

A reveal of Modern Warfare II (2022) could be only weeks away.

A new set of Call of Duty leaks revealed some interesting tidbits about the upcoming Warzone 2, which is set to launch sometime either alongside or after this year’s Modern Warfare II game.

Talks of the new leaks began yesterday when YouTuber NerosCinema uploaded a video talking about information pertaining to Warzone 2 from an unnamed source. Trusted leaker Tom Henderson followed up with a report today corroborating much of the video from his own, separate source.

Henderson claims to have seen the map for Warzone 2 and its rumored new Escape from Tarkov-like mode “DMZ,” saying that both modes take place on the same map. The map will reportedly be filled with points of interests built with classic CoD maps.

Henderson reports that 2009’s Modern Warfare 2 maps such as Highrise, Quarry, Terminal, and Afghan will all be present as POIs on the map, even reporting their specific geographic location on the map from what he has seen.

Another feature reported by both NerosCinema and Henderson is something called Strongholds, which are said to be areas of the map that are guarded by AI enemies, giving players extra activities to partake in beyond the normal battle royale fare.

“Strongholds are located across the entire map and will give players something additional to do instead of just buying your Loadout at a buy station,” Henderson said. “There are around 25-30 of them spread out across the entire map (so probably just as many as the usual buy stations weve been accustomed to).”

Henderson says that Strongholds have different tiers of difficulty, featuring “three large Strongholds and around 20-25 smaller Strongholds scattered around the map.” He presumes that the more difficult a Stronghold is in clearing out of AI enemies, the better the rewards will be.

A reveal of Modern Warfare II is potentially just a few weeks away, with Henderson reporting that a trailer premiere could take place on June 8.

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