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New round of balance changes is coming with Hearthstone patch 21.3

More changes are on their way.

The United in Stormwind expansion has already felt the wrath of the nerf bat.

It looks like the Hearthstone team wants to further refine the United in Stormwinds meta with patch 21.3

Earlier today, the official Hearthstone Twitter account revealed that patch 21.3 would arrive Tuesday and that it would contain changes to Constructed and Battlegrounds. Thankfully, we didn’t have to speculate long on which Constructed classes we could expect to be changed.

Shortly after the official tweet went out, Hearthstone lead designer Alec Dawson chimed in to give the community a bit more info. Players can expect five nerfs that will affect Warlock, Shaman, and Demon Hunter. In addition to the nerfs, there will be one redesign, one ban, and seven buffs.

The redesigned card will belong to the Priest class, while the ban hammer aims to strike Warlock. The seven buffs will be spread across the Hunter, Mage, and Warrior classes. As stated in his Tweet, Dawson says the nerfs are designed to slow things down further and the buffs aim to empower recent archetypes that didn’t hit as well as the team wanted.

Since the official patch notes for 21.3 aren’t up, we don’t know exactly which cards will be changed. We’ll keep you updated on the list of balanced cards when it becomes available.

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