New Renata Glasc bug lets LoL players cash in on their own bounties

"I'll bill you later!"

Renata Glasc has had some weird bugs in the past, but League of Legends players have discovered a new glitch that has some players collecting their own bounty gold on the Summoner’s Rift.

On the game’s subreddit, one user posted some gameplay on May 8 of a relatively one-sided match where a fed Aatrox was tanking the mid lane tower for his other teammates. As the group fired at the tower, an allied Renata Glasc used her Bailout ability to speed up the Aatrox’s attack speed, while giving him more time to take the tower if he ended up dying to its blasts.

Eventually, the Aatrox was executed by the tower, but was able to keep attacking for a few seconds due to Bailout’s temporary zombie effect. While this zombie status was active, the team managed to finish off the tower, and since Aatrox wasn’t able to secure a takedown during Bailout, he finally diedand that’s where the bug kicked in.

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Since the tower killed Aatrox, the death would have counted as a normal execute. But since the team was able to destroy the tower before Bailout’s zombie effect ran out, there technically wasn’t any target to which his death could be attributed to. As a result, Aatrox was given 700 gold from his own bounty, while resetting his own bounty so that the enemy team couldn’t cash in on him later in the game.

This bug might be harder to recreate in a real game setting, but for teams that are snowballing their lead, this is a broken mechanic that could give them an even greater advantage. Even though they are dying, they are also resetting their own gold while getting an easy boost of gold for themselves. As a result, a leading team can remain strong while quickly denying the enemy from a potential comeback source of gold.

Riot hasn’t acknowledged the glitch just yet, but hopefully it is patched out in an upcoming update.

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