New prizes for NA League Champions Queue include custom wearable helmet

It might not be the best idea to wear this while playing League.

Some of the best League of Legends players in North America may have just gotten further incentive to try their best in Champions Queue.

New prizes have been announced for the top-performing players in the NA Champions Queue, all of which are based on the helmet that appears as the exclusive queues logo. One of these rewards brings the helmet to life in a completely wearable format, given to the player who ends the Champions Queue spring season in first place. It is not currently clear if EMEA Champions Queue will receive these same prizes.

This helmet, created by Hokuprops, is coated in a regal purple color with golden horns and features a stand that it can be placed on that’s based on the in-game Nexus. As of now, Team Liquid Challengers ADC player APA holds the top spot in the second Spring Split of Champions Queue, though over a month remains before the split is expected to end.

The player who ends in second place will receive what appears to be a pin based on this helmet, while the third-place winner will earn a special coin. Additionally, the top 100 players will receive a commemorative T-shirt, and the top 50 players will receive a special jacket with the names of those 50 players on the back.

But it currently isnt clear if these prizes will be replacing the previous prize pool of $40,000 or if they will be given to the highest-ranking players of the split alongside the money. Though various fans and players on social media have noted that these physical prizes may be more enticing for players with access to Champions Queue as its usage has dwindled further since it reopened earlier this year.

The second split of the Champions Queue spring season is currently underway and will be open until March 4, with the third split beginning the next day. The 2023 spring season as a whole is expected to end on March 26, after which these prizes are expected to be distributed.

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