New Overwatch 2 skin won’t come at a discount—but it will still have players looking like an absolute boss

All white everything.

Ever since her introduction to Overwatch lore, there has been no question that Junkertown is run by the heavy metal queen herself, Junker Queen. And to further showcase how much she runs the show, Blizzard today introduced a fresh new cosmetic to the games shop.

The Legendary quality Mob Boss skin for Junker Queen transforms the Australian wasteland matriarch into a different type of head honcho, complete with the perfect outfit and a slick new haircut. The skin is exactly what any tank player would want to wear if they feel like flexing a little bit of extra bravado.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Junker Queens new fit can be found in the Overwatch 2 shop for 1,900 OW coins, and as is standard with shop skins, the cosmetic will only be available for a week before it gets rotated out when a new slew of skins gets added to the shop.

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The Mob Boss skin embodies Young Jeezys mantra all white everything as the ice-cold tank from Down Under displays impeccable taste with a white suit that is laced with gold accents, a gold belt buckle, and a gold hip chain. To match the outfit, Junker Queen even has dyed blonde hair, and all three of her weapons have elements of both white and gold on them. 

What makes this skin particularly unique is that it is being sold as a singular item in the shop. Typically, skins in the shop get bundled together with at least a couple of other items, resulting in a discounted price for players who want to purchase all of the cosmetics together. But for people who want to be a true boss, theyll have to buy this new Junker Queen skin by itself.

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