New Overwatch 2 meta has made this hero a nightmare again and players are already sick of it

Hey Blizzard, maybe it's time for some nerfs.

Certain tank meta changes have indirectly caused the rising return of one of the most annoying heroes in Overwatch 2, and the player base isnt having a bar of it.

Annoyed OW2 players have begun complaining about the sudden increase in Sombra players, and they’re laying the blame right at the feet of another tankWrecking Ball. According to the fans who flocked to Reddit on March 15, it’s all the hamster’s fault that Sombra is popping up against in casual and ranked queues alike.

It’s all quite simple too, once it’s all explained.

In essence, Overwatch players are blaming Wrecking Ball for Sombra’s rise because Wrecking Ball is so strong in the new metagame. Then, because every meta has a natural evolution, more Sombras have popped up to beat him.

When the Ball rises, so too does Sombra, one wise player wrote. Another explained that Sombra feels far more difficult to beat than Wrecking Ball, which is why she’s more hated.

Others were already looking to the future tooif Sombra has risen up to beat Wrecking Ball then another natural counter could be on the way: Tracer. While Sombra is annoying, some are already fearing the OW2 poster girl’s own rise.

Either way, this seems to be one of the more annoying stages in Overwatch 2s evolution. As the game progresses with updates and patches, well likely see more of these types of heroes shining in the spotlight.

Unfortunately, Sombra is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame right now. Maybe Blizzard will respond by nerfing both Wrecking Ball and Sombra in the next update.

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