New Operator and Speciality Challenges will help new Rainbow Six Siege players learn the ropes

Jumping into Siege has never been easier.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Commanding Force is adding Beginner and Speciality Challenges to help players understand how to use operators while earning awards along the way.

Diving into Rainbow Six Siege can be tough, especially for players who have never played the game. The constant updates and new operators can also make it difficult for returning players to learn the current meta. 

Operation Commanding Force is introducing a new onboarding feature that new and veteran players can use to understand operator specialties through challenges.

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The new Beginner Challenges help players learn the basic skills of each character, while the new Speciality Challenges help understand each operators special abilities. The Speciality Challenges are designed to help players learn how each operator contributes to a match while rewarding them during the process. 

Completing all challenges for a single specialty unlock an operator, which is an excellent way for new players to expand their roster. Veteran players can also take advantage of the challenges even if they already have the operator unlocked, as theyll receive renown instead. 

The challenges are a great way for players to understand how each character brings value to their team and how they should use their gadgets and abilities. Seasoned players looking to learn a new operator can also use the challenges as a guide to improving their skills. 

Operation Commanding Force launches on all supported platforms on March 7. 

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