New OP or troll? ShowMaker discovers powerful mid lane pick in LoL

In the hands of ShowMaker, any champion can look threatening.

Dplus KIA mid laner ShowMaker has shown once again how well he’s mastered League of Legends, even when he’s having a bit of fun.

He decided to pick an unusual champion during a stream last night ahead of his next LCK matchesand it turned out to be surprisingly successful in his game.

He picked Alistar AP in the mid lane, as LeBlanc was picked for the support position. The players switched roles, and it seemed they were going to have a hard time.

But ShowMaker exceeded expectations. He survived the early game, outfarming Syndra with the help of his jungler and support. The team then snowballed after pulling off a successful skirmish in the jungle’s bot side.

“It can’t be,” ShowMaker said when enemies were seemingly going to kill his jungler.

He defended his low-HP teammates and dealt impressive damage in the process, allowing them to take over and win the fight.

That being said, ShowMaker gave kills to his allies and later built support items. But the tank’s damage in the early game was impressive and surely surprised his opponents.

Alistar AP mid appears to be powerful in the early game in a composition that can assist him with ganks and roaming. But we wouldn’t try this pick at home.

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