New MultiVersus patch limits specate mode, change immediately impacts tournaments like Hungrybox’s Coinbox

Competitive MultiVersus hits a roadbump.

Team Liquid co-owner and platform fighter competitor Hungrybox has commented on the most recent MultiVersus patch, which has inadvertendly disabled spectator mode and stalled tournament play.

Though known most for his time spent in the Super Smash Bros. Melee scene, Hungrybox has regularly streamed and hosted tournaments for Warner Bros. new crossover platform fighter MultiVersus. Hosting weekly tournaments in association with sponsor Coinbase, Hungrybox’s efforts to promote the growing esports scene for the fighting game newcomer has been suddenly halted by a recent patch.

The most recent patch marked the start of MultiVersus’ first official season, bringing in a plethora of character buffs, nerfs, and quality of life changes.

The new patch also inadvertedly disabled the game’s only available spetator option. Previously, a third party was able to view tournaments by joining a full custom game, however this is no longer the case.

Hungrybox was among the first of the game’s content creators to point this out. Though he will be using Discord to circumvent this issue for his Coinbox tournament, the tournament host called for all other organizers to raise awareness of this issue, emphasizing “basically online tourneys can’t function until next patch.”

Commentors below Hungrybox’s initial tweet were shocked to learn MultiVersus did not already have a built-in spectator option for tournaments.

Tony Huynh, game director for MultiVersus, replied by affirming the change to spectator was unintentional and that “we’re investigating now.”

Whether the result of the game’s investigation will either restore the previous method of spectating or add an entirely new feature remains to be soon. For now, it seems fans, organizers, and players of competitive MultiVersus will need to be on pause.

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