New Legendary Mei skin in Overwatch 2 will have players feeling like royalty

A new week brings a new slew of cosmetics for the in-game shop.

Overwatch 2s weekly in-game cosmetic shop reset included the introduction of a few bundles today that will have Mei players ready to dish out some coins.

The new Empress bundle is featured in the shop for 2,000 OW coins, and it comes with a fresh take on the icy-cold DPS hero. The new Mei drip is loaded with bright gold plating and is made to resemble Chinese royalty from centuries ago.

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

The modern spin on traditional empress garb is accented with red and black. Meanwhile, the black portions of her clothing are decorated with golden dragons. Perhaps the most notable part of the Legendary skin is her extravagantly put-together hair, which includes numerous golden pieces.

The 2,000-coin bundle for the skin comes with three other cosmetics, including a player name card that has a black base with a golden depiction of a dragon. It also comes with a spray and player icon, both of which show a golden version of Meis little droid friend Snowball.

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This is Blizzards first time including the Empress skin in the Overwatch 2 store. The Overwatch 2 in-game cosmetic shop refreshes once every week on Tuesday afternoon. Along with the Empress Bundle, players can purchase a new skin bundle that has matching skins for Tracer and Sojourn. 

The white skins have orange accents and show the two heroes all bundled up and ready to take on the games frigid Antarctic maps. That bundle cost 2,500 OW coins, and it was also released today.

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