New League item is permanently banning players who buy it and Riot is trying to fix it

Preseason strikes again.

As 2022 comes to an end, League of Legends players are saying goodbye to Season 12 and beginning to welcome Season 13, with the 2023 preseason is set to begin in November.

During these preseason shifts into a new season, Riot Games usually looks to make major changes to both the visuals and gameplay, whereas Season 13 is ready to follow suit. With a whole list of changes such as the return of Chemtech Drake and new jungle changes, Season 13 is ready to splice up the game going into 2023.

However, one item has been taking those changes to a completely different level and has been permanently banning players who buy it.

The item that has been permanently banning numerous PBE accounts is the new item, Heartsteel, formerly Goliaths Ascendancy.

The new mythic item has already caught the attention of League of Legends players early on in the PBE after a ChoGath was able to stack 3.7 quintillion health during a PBE game. Now, it is banning players, under its new name Heartsteel.

YouTuber RossBoomsocks had tweeted out to Riot, stating he had been permabanned for seemingly no reason as well as others who had received the same message. As a result, he has warned other players to not play on the PBE until the bug is resolved.

Additionally, another League PBE user had posted their situation on Reddit, where many comments had been brought up using Heartsteel before receiving a ban themselves.

One Redditor that had been buying Heartsteel posted their reply from Riot Games on Reddit, where they acknowledged the bug and looked to fix it soon.

Ive looked into it and it seems that a lot of players reported the same thing around the time of your report. Were currently aware of it and are working hard on a fix, the League fan wrote.

However, I cannot provide any estimate for the completion date at this time. To avoid confusing or disappointing players, we try to only announce these dates when we are sure we can meet the arrival schedule.

Currently, it is uncertain when players that were banned for using Heartsteel will be unbanned.

But, if one thing is certain: Heartsteel has been the biggest talking point for League Season 13 and it will be interesting to see how it fares when it hits live Rift servers.

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