New job listing suggests Riot is working on Destiny 2-style game

Count us in!

VALORANT, Teamfight Tactics, and Wild Rift are the three latest smash hits developed by Riot Games that immediately took off, proving theres nothing this company cant do. Although Riot has plenty of unannounced projects up its sleeves, the latest job listing suggests we might see a Destiny 2-style game in the near future.

Looking at the latest Riot job listings, we’ll find the company is searching for a game designer for an unpublished R&D product. But this is where it all gets interesting, as one of the required qualifications is a deep familiarity with long-form progression systems from multiple angles. On top of that, the company would love to see the applicants with deep insight into modern progression systems in MMORPG, competitive shooter, and season-driven ARPG games.

This all suggests the company is working on a title that combines MMOFPS, competitive shooter, and action-RPG elements. Although we’ll have to wait for a while longer to see the official announcement from Riot, players agree it’s highly likely this will be a Destiny 2-themed Riot game set in VALORANTs universe.

Aside from that, fans believe that older job postings mentioning “Project T” refer to this unannounced title since Riot includes Unreal Engine Engine on other unpublished R&D products in the listings.

Although fans are already hyped to see Riots take on Destiny 2 universe, some think this might instead be an extraction-style FPS. Hopefully, well learn more details soon.

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