New characters will be teased in login screen for MultiVersus Season 1

The first season will begin tomorrow.

A new season of MultiVersus means new characters from Warner Bros. properties and beyond are joining the fray, some of which are being teased as soon as the season launches.

Tony Huynh, game director on MultiVersus, teased on Twitter that future unannounced characters will be present in the login screen associated with the new season, which begins on Aug. 15. It is currently unclear who these characters will be, though names from Warner Bros. properties such as the Teen Titans and Lord of the Rings have been thrown around among fans in recent weeks.

A similar situation occurred prior to the start of the closed and open betas last month, where the initial trailer for MultiVersus showcased Velma from Scooby-Doo as part of the roster prior to an official reveal. Since then, the only new character to join the roster has been LeBron James, though both Rick and Morty will be joining the cast within the first season.

Huynh said in a follow-up tweet that the characters that appear in the login screen tomorrow will be released throughout season one. Outside of Morty, who will be released on Aug. 15, it is not clear when exactly these other characters will be released. More information, as well as official reveals, are likely to occur as the season continues.

Players can look forward to season one of MultiVersus beginning tomorrow with multiple new features including Ranked and Arcade modes releasing throughout the season. A new Battle Pass will also accompany the new season, though the rewards are not currently known.

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