New bug in Aurelion Sol’s rework can ground League’s favorite high-flying dragon

New rework, new glitches.

Many people can’t wait for Riot Games’ upcoming rework to League of Legends‘ Aurelion Sol, who will be bringing a whole new array of abilities to dazzle and destroy his enemies in solo queue. Before his official release, however, some glitches and bugs must be fixed by the developers, including a new bug that has been discovered by PBE testers.

Popular League content creator Vandiril has found a new glitch that occurs when Aurelion Sol flies over the wall near the mid lane on the Summoner’s Rift map. As he zooms across the map, the Star Forger flies slightly over the terrain, but instead of going over it like normal, the champion’s model glitches into the wall and prevents him from moving.

When the player tries to move Aurelion Sol into a new place, he thrashes around in place for a second before instantly teleporting to the spot that was clicked. The model can also be seen underneath the map, and all of his movement animations never activate. He can, however, still be targeted by minions, towers, and other champions, but this still doesn’t fix the issue.

In fact, the only time that Vandiril was able to pop back out of the ground was when he tried to auto-attack the Blast Cone, which pulled Aurelion Sol out of the terrain and into the sky once more. It looks like players will stay stuck until they input another action besides basic movement.

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Hopefully, Riot is able to fix this bug before Aurelion Sol’s upcoming release. The shiny new dragon was supposed to drop alongside Patch 13.3 on Wednesday, Feb. 8, but because of the recent cyber attacks on Riot’s development environment systems, his release was delayed a significant amount. As a result, Sol’s new release date still hasn’t been confirmed by developers.

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