New Apex Legends POI teases changes to Kings Canyon, new map

While you were hot-dropping at Clinic, others were looking for clues inside of it.

While Apex Legends players were treated to plenty of new content with the Awaken event, including cosmetics, a limited time mode, and a new point of interest on Olympus, more eagle-eyed players found new teasers for possible map changes coming to the game in the near future.

Players that land at the new Lifeline town takeover on Olympus, Lifelines Clinic, will notice some magazines lying around the place. Titled things like Outlands Guide and Outlands News, these teasers usually give players a small glimpse into the games lore. The headlines, however, indicate a big change coming to Kings Canyon, as well as the games continued interest in the moon of Boreas, Seers home planet.

The headline Salvage operation complete with a sub-headline of say hello to Kings Canyons new relic quite clearly indicates the next map change will most likely be on Kings Canyon and will probably take the place of the Salvage POI. If the salvage operation is complete then theres probably no need for Salvage as a POI to exist in its current form.

Sharp players will probably connect the dots, then, and recognize that the new relic is most likely the massive skull from old Skull Town thats been suspended just outside of Salvage since season five.

If the Skull Town skull is coming back, and Salvage is going away well, its not too far of a leap to assume a new version of Skull Town is in the works for Kings Canyon next season. At the very least, the teaser seems to indicate Salvage will be replaced or transformed in some way.

Elsewhere, theres more news about the moon of Boreas, which players saw being struck by a meteor during the Seer reveal trailer. The magazine notes there is indecision over what to do with the moon, as its future is being called into question. This is a very interesting tidbit to include alongside the magazine place on the bottom of the stack, which features a peculiar structure alongside a headline reading The Future Now.

The structure itself looks somewhat similar to an untextured POI on the map that was part of the massive Apex content leak from March. Crucially, that maps code name at the time was Divided Moon, and it also featured a skybox filled with asteroids and space debris, while at least one portion of the map included a vast chasm filled with floating rock.

Whether or not the structure pictured on the magazine is the POI featured on the leaked map, it seems fairly certain that there is more content planned around Boreas and its moon.

Its the type of small, innocuous set dressing Respawn loves to include as a glimpse into future content, and its even more conspicuous placed directly next to the news that things are happening on Kings Canyon while the map is out of rotation.

These are breadcrumbs of information, sure. But the Apex devs have proven themselves to be great at turning breadcrumbs into a trail to follow over the years.

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