New Apex Legends comic could be teasing Loba’s heirloom

It focuses on a heist, of course.

The official Apex Legends Twitter account has released a new four-page digital comic focusing on a heist performed by Loba and an entirely new character.

The comic appears to be a flashback. It details the attempted theft of two jewels by Loba and her partner Jaime, whom she seems to have a personal or romantic relationship with. The two plan to steal the jewels from a member of high society to satisfy their client, but the heist is thrown off when Loba breaks into the vault and finds a fan that used to belong to her mother.

Loba decides to steal the fan instead of the gem and runs into trouble when she accidentally triggers the house’s alarm. At the last minute, Jaime steps in to help her escape, and the two leave together. The comic ends on a “to be continued” note, suggesting more to come. It’s possible that the comic is teasing an heirloom for Loba in the form of her mother’s fan. It’s been rumored for a while, and fans have been begging Respawn for news of it for several seasons now.

There is an existing Apex Legends comic series, Overtime, but this appears to be a standalone venture. It’s accompanied by the caption “A girl’s best friend,” a turn of phrase referring to the gems Loba and Jaime planned to steal. It’s also possible that the comic could hint at more lore surrounding that potential heirloom reveal for Loba, whose parents were killed by Revenant and who later blew up Skull Town on Kings Canyon.

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